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About us

Supplements to improve athletic performance, appearance or even well-being are a huge market. The number of supplement webshops is correspondingly large. How do we manage to hold our own so well in this environment - and what prompted us to enter such a hotly contested market in the first place?

Whatever is effective sells well

We are active and ambitious athletes ourselves. This means that we are not only involved with the topic of sports nutrition supplements for commercial reasons, but also out of private interest. When we started our online sales in 2012, we literally turned our hobby into a profession. Our product range initially included 50 items - and we had tested every single one of them ourselves beforehand. Our credo was (and still is): You can only be successful in the long run with supplements that are effective. Since those early days, our product portfolio has grown steadily. Training boosters and muscle building products were joined by fat loss products and preparations to improve recovery, and finally by fitfood items and branded sportswear. Today, we have over 2,000 articles from a total of 180 manufacturers in our program.

The Stay-focused concept

Basically, it is our ambition to supply athletically ambitious and performance-oriented people with everything that enhances performance in the broadest sense. This includes common products like protein powders and mineral supplements as well as exotic products like training boosters, pump enhancers, fat burners, energy drinks and nootropics. Especially of the latter, which are not available in every drugstore, we have a large selection. From bodybuilders to recreational athletes, from students to careerists to gamers: everyone can find the right supplements here! And since we are not so much pure resellers as customer-oriented online retailers, we are also happy to answer questions or provide background information upon request.

What distinguishes us

Shopping with us means shopping in the Up-to-date-Webshop. In concrete terms this means: If you are looking for the "hottest shit" in the field of supplements, you will find it with us! However, we do not only distinguish ourselves by having the newest of the new in our program. There is more to shopping at Stay-focused.

  • Product stability: Product innovations remain listed with us for a long time. Exotic items that are already sold out elsewhere are often still available at Stay-focused.
  • Expert knowledge: Especially in the area of boosters, we have well-founded expert knowledge that we are happy to pass on.
  • Personal communication: We respond to every customer and every request. Automated "please-have-you-understand-that-we..." e-mails do not exist with us!
  • Very fast shipping: Orders we receive before 2pm are usually shipped the same day and are usually delivered from one business day to the next.
  • Free enclosure: We include a sample or small gift with every box that leaves our store.


Has all of this convinced you? Then try us out. We are looking forward to your order!